Management & Consulting, Clinical Integration, Real Estate

Our clients demand more transparency, accessibility, and responsive services from our healthcare consultants and executives than ever before in the history of the industry. Our experience has taught us that meeting these expectations is not always intuitive which is why we have created a culture around linking our vision and mission to your success. All of the associates at Affinity Health Partners and our subsidiaries have learned through their experiences that any healthcare organization cannot just make do with incremental change or status quo—even if only for a short time.  Our family of innovative companies recognizes that building for the future demands bold moves and tough decisions, not the status quo. We work with our clients to transform the way they think about and serve their communities through the consistent presentation of new and innovative ideas every day.


Rural healthcare organizations can rely on Affinity Health Partners Management & Consulting group to help tackle the most pressing challenges by combining in-depth industry knowledge, meaningful insights, and broad capabilities. Then if needed or required Affinity Health Partners Management Services can work together with existing management structures in a co-management arrangement or in a full control management contract to execute on the strategies conceived in the consulting phases. Perhaps your rural healthcare facility needs only a clinical co-management structure through our Clinical Integration strategy. 


 Rural hospitals and healthcare systems have to create new relationships with their physicians and providers, both primary care and specialist to drive higher value for the communities they serve and survive market pressures set to undermine their operations or worse, close them. Affinity Health Partners Clinical Integration (CI) structures are designed to take advantage of these same market forces to insulate our health system partners from the harmful effects of subtle changes in the healthcare environment while driving growth to the bottom line.  


Affinity Health Partners Real Estate Investment services provide cash strapped rural health systems alternatives to become solvent and work with a world-class real estate professional to save and expand their facilities. The real estate trust is an independent, fully-integrated healthcare real estate company that acquires, owns or finances rural healthcare real estate transactions. As a result of favorable demographic trends affecting the rural healthcare industry, continuing increases in healthcare spending and the continuing shift in the delivery of healthcare services to community-based outpatient facilities, we believe our real estate strategy is an essential component for healthcare providers to serve their rural markets.

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DETAILED services


Physician Alignment

Our physician partners will work with your communities to ensure you can attract and keep critical physician resources. Our quality and cost integration models work to reward physicians for quality and providing access to needed services.

Affiliation & Network Strategies

Structuring effective relationships for rural hospitals is the key to survival. Service value alignment strategies empowers the smaller rural hospital to safely and effectively partner with larger regional health system partners without sacrificing critical revenue lines.

Revenue Cycle Strategies

Revenue cycle management for a small rural hospital is not only critical but very complex. Along with routine charge master reviews and audit preparedness our RCM team will  work with you existing business office resources or you can outsource your entire RCM to Affinity. There is no one size fits all solution, thats experience.

Finance and Business Office Support

wether it is preparing costs reports or building budgets our finance and accoiunting team will work with your existing team to educate and train as well as help implement new policies and procedures to ensure compliance. 

Perioperative Services

For any rural hospital with a little help can take advantage of a direct downstream revenue model through procedures and surgical services. From surgical supply chain and equipment, staffing to surgeons our expert team will augment existing perioperative services to starting new services denovo.

Rapid Revenue Access Strategy

No longer can rural health care organizations embark on long academic exercises but rather have to adapt to the demands of a fast-paced revenue pursuit. In order for our clients to attain bottom line revenue results, Affinity Health Partners has created an innovative, rapid deployment strategy that addresses operational, financial, clinical and physical plant impediments to increasing revenue.  This is designed to be less expensive than the typical "Consulting" approach by using a combination of on-site and off-site resources to create new revenues at 30-60-90 days of the engagement.