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At Affinity Health Partners, everyone in the company is driven by the belief that rural healthcare has to survive and thrive as the first step to ensuring healthcare in general in the US continues on the journey toward better equities. Rural health care is at crossroads where the safe harbors of past decades are eroding, and the revenue streams they have gambled on for their future have failed them. To complicate matters larger health systems which may have entered rural markets with the best of intentions have begun exiting leaving many markets devoid of the services desperately needed by the surrounding communities. The presumptions of the past proven wrong many rural health systems assume that cost-cutting and contraction of services will preserve their small town hospitals and clinics. Is this the way to protect and grow rural healthcare by making small conservative changes? Is the answer to make big bold moves? Who can you trust to help salvage your healthcare? The answer is not always clear, but one thing is clear, real change is needed, and this demands real innovation and transformation.

We know that to help rural healthcare organizations reinvent themselves and attain financial stability the conventional thinking of how to own, manage and operate rural health facilities has to be abandoned. At Affinity Health Partners we help our rural health partners focus on how they serve patients delivering next-level customer service, building an exceptional team of employees, streamlining and optimizing revenue cycle & supply chain business and workflow processes. Our experienced business and clinical leaders have proven track records of driving business & clinical outcomes while restructuring the organization for the future. We combine our experience and knowledge with bold ideas to deliver results that matter through our management and consulting, provider affinity strategies (CIN) or our business restructuring through real estate transactions. Let’s build your health systems future together—today.

Affinity Population Health Services (Clinical Integration)


There has been a lot of dialogue around differing care delivery models, new compensation approaches, healthcare providers are preparing for more accountability. In the rural market, this is not a new concept as most providers living or working in these markets understand accountability. Clinical integration or the legal structure under which true integration occur known as a Clinically Integrated Network (CIN) can be implemented to address volatility in rural markets. Although not very common in the rural market the CIN structure does address many of the issues facing rural health care such as physician affinity, service line integration and appropriate cost alignment.  At Affinity Health Partners we have implemented one of the rural healths first specialty clinically integrated networks expanding access to services, aligning costs with value and helping health systems attract and keep physicians. At Affinity, we understand that for the rural health market clinical integration is not an academic exercise but a business imperative for the market to survive.

Affinity Property Trust (REIT)



Affinity Property Trust is a partnership with a self-managed, fully-integrated healthcare real estate company with over 1B in health care transactions to their credit.  Structured as  Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) the property trust seeks to acquire, own or finance rural healthcare real estate properties. Physicians and community providers can come together to support leased hospitals, medical malls, healthcare system real estate assets located in rural communities. Recent trends in demographics in the rural market as the older population continues to grow and the shift toward increases in healthcare spending has lead to a shift toward community based healthcare models.  Experience has shown us at Affinity Health Partners that investing in the rural healthcare property market is rare and a market in need of newer, well-managed healthcare facilities is continuing to grow every year. Affinity Property Trust differentiates the company from all others who merely purchase bricks and mortar, provide management services in that all three aspects of the company work together to provide any level of services required together or separate. We believe one size fits all does not work for the rural market. That is what experience provides. 


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